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Chuck Jaws
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Welcome to H&R Manufacturing and Supply Incorporated.
Welcome to H&R Manufacturing and Supply Incorporated.

Technical Specifications for Jaws

Jaw Terminology

(1) SH = standard height
(2) EH = extended height
(3) M = medium duty tongue & groove jaw
(4) H = heavy duty tongue & groove jaw
(5) O = offset jaw
(6) P = pointed jaw
(7) CI = cast iron jaw
(8) AL = aluminum jaw
(9) 2.0 Or any Other Number following the base part number denotes height (B Dimension).
Soft Jaws - Mild Steel or Aluminum
Hard Jaws - Mild Steel Carburized
Keys - 4140 HT
Operating Screws - 4140 HT
Thrust Bearings - Mild Steel Carburized
Chuck Adapters - Mild Steel
Milling Machine Arbors - 4140 Heat Treat
Outboard Supports - Cast Malleable
Full Wrap Jaws - Aluminum, Cast Iron,
Custom Made Mild Steel
"VEE" Block" - Cast Iron
Boring Mill - Cast Steel and Carburized Steel
Tail Stock - Cast Iron
Face Plate - Mild Steel
Right Angle Drive - Cast Mild Steel
NOTE: All Critical Dimensions are shown in the grey shaded columns online.

Part Number

H&Rs part number describes the Technical Specifications of the jaws, Mounting Base and associated accessories. The base number is used for all Serrated Parts. See examples below:
Soft Jaw
Hard Jaw
Full Wrap Jaw
Jaw Nuts
Pointing A Jaw

Offset Jaw

H&R has accepted and promoted the philosophy that the offset jaw provides more Dollar-Value to the ultimate customer by providing more boring options, with a longer jaw that approximated the full range of the chuck face. These jaws come both square and pointed. Example: HR-108-2.5-O HR-108-2.5-OP

Hard Jaw

H&R standard hard jaws are made from mild steel and carburized at 56 to 60 RC with a depth of .030 to .040. MACHINING OF HARD JAWS IS NOT RECOMMENDED. Once .030 is removed from a jaw, the remaining material will be soft.

CAUTION: Never Weld on a Hard Jaw!

Additional Info

Jaw Nut Engagement: It is important that all bolts are engaged to their fullest length in both Jaw Nuts and T-Nuts.

Warranty: H&R Mfg. and Supply, Inc. will warranty their products for workmanship to meet or exceed specifications listed in this catalog. This warranty is expressly made in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied.

OEM steel specifications verse actual material (inch standards verse metric standards)

H&R makes every attempt to match specifications from the OEM. However, standard steel specifications and availability may dictate the height or weight over OEM. In most cases, these minor deviations will not cause any technical problems in applications.

H&R will strive to give our customers the best value
for their dollar by using standard available U.S.A. material.

Caution: Jaws made or revised to design specifications different than those listed in this catalog may result in reduced capabilities of the chuck. The Chuck operating manual should be reviewed in these applications.

H&R reserves the right to make changes in design specifications and price without prior notification. Those in place at day of shipment will apply.

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