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Chuck Jaws
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Chuck Jaws
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Chuck Jaws
1.5MM @ 60 Serrated Jaws
1/16 @ 90 Serrated Jaws
2 Piece Boring Mill Jaws
3/32 @ 90 Serrated Jaws
3MM @ 60 Serrated Jaws
Acme Serrated
Air Driven Tail Stock
American Heavy Duty T&G
American Medium Duty T&G
Bullard Jaws
Chip Hook-R
Chuck Wrenches
Custom Hard Fixtures
European Tongue & Groove
Flat System
Heavy Duty Right Angle Drives
Low Profile Boring Mill Jaws
Mounting Standards (ASME)
Quick Change Jaws
Right Angle Drives
Screws and Thrust Bearings
Serrated Jaws
Special Tooling
Square Serrated
Steady Rests
Steel Face Plate Jaws
Tomb Stone
Tongue & Groove
Vee Block
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Welcome to H&R Manufacturing and Supply Incorporated.
Welcome to H&R Manufacturing and Supply Incorporated.

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H&R Mfg. and Supply, Inc. enjoys a reputation for excellent customer service. Our expert Sales Team is readily available via telephone or email. We are happy to help you place a correct order or solve your problem.

Corporate Sales Office

PH: 800-749-0629
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H&R Mfg. and Supply, Inc.
12400 Rose Road
Willis, Texas 77378
Derek Hivnor - President
T. Schank - Sales Executive
Isaac Garcia- Sales Executive

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