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Chuck Jaws
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Chuck Jaws
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Chuck Jaws
1.5MM @ 60 Serrated Jaws
1/16 @ 90 Serrated Jaws
2 Piece Boring Mill Jaws
3/32 @ 90 Serrated Jaws
3MM @ 60 Serrated Jaws
Acme Serrated
Air Driven Tail Stock
American Heavy Duty T&G
American Medium Duty T&G
Bullard Jaws
Chip Hook-R
Chuck Wrenches
Custom Hard Fixtures
European Tongue & Groove
Flat System
Heavy Duty Right Angle Drives
Low Profile Boring Mill Jaws
Mounting Standards (ASME)
Quick Change Jaws
Right Angle Drives
Screws and Thrust Bearings
Serrated Jaws
Special Tooling
Square Serrated
Steady Rests
Steel Face Plate Jaws
Tomb Stone
Tongue & Groove
Vee Block
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Welcome to H&R Manufacturing and Supply Incorporated.
Welcome to H&R Manufacturing and Supply Incorporated.

Awards and News

H&R Mfg. and Supply, Inc. is proud of the many accomplishments our team has achieved since 1980. We are now pleased to keep you up to date about those achievements or news items as they occur. Our dedication to our customers and our employees emphasizes the value we place on product excellence.

Recent Awards and Memberships

  • 2003 H&R Mfg. and Supply, Inc President Harvey Hivnor was named Small Business Person of the year for the Southwest Region
  • 2003 Rotary Foundation Paul Harris Fellow Award
  • 2003 Conroe Rotary Board of Directors, Community Service Literacy
  • 2003 U. S. Small Business Administration District Directors Choice Award
  • Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Economic Board of Directors Economic Development
  • Industrial Supply Association - Member
  • North Harris/Montgomery County College District Small Business Advisory Council

News Articles & Press Releases

  • Gobal Shop Solutions and H&R Manufacturing & Supply A Success Story
  • Gobal Shop Solutions and H&R Manufacturing & Supply A Success Story Video
  • H&R Mfg and Supply Expands Capabilities -February 2010
  • H&R Faces Foreign Competition Head-On - Manufacturing News - May 2010
  • H&R Mfg Promotes Managers - January 2009
  • A Well Oiled Machine - Houston Business Journal - May 2003
  • H&R Expands Facilities - September, 2002

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